Oil & Gas
CITO Petroleum (M) Sdn Bhd

Initially the company was known as Zamada Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd. And started its business as the supplier of fertilizer and other chemical related products to the agricultural sectors. Later it extended to be the supplier for various types of materials and also manpower to the oil and gas and engineering industries and changed its name to CITO Consultantcy (M) Sdn.Bhd. In 1990.

Since then the company has establish itself to be one of the leading suppliers of professional and semi professional support personnel to Petronas. CITO has also been able to establish good rapport with various international organizations and brought in foreign experts to work in Malaysia and vice versa. At the same time CITO also manage to capitalize on the good relationship woth various international organizations and become their representative agent to do business in Malaysia. In line with its growth and more related to oil and gas activities, in 1995 the company was named CITO Petroleum (M) Sdn.Bhd.

Until now CITO has successfully obtained licensed and registration with Petronas for services/supplies of generators, mechanical maintanance, painting & griblasting, research management, manpower supply, offshore construction-pipilines & subsea structure, quality assurance-inspection and corrosion services, chemicals-paint. There after from time to time according to the needs and our capability the lists will be gradually increased.

To streamline our activities in Malaysia the company has opened few branches strategically located at Kerteh, Lumut, Miri and Kota Kinabalu.

In order to keep abreast with the current development and to ensure proper standard practices, the company has successfully obtained an ISO 9001:2000 certification.

We are moving one step to provide services in exploration work through our joint venture with overseas as our technical back up team.


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